Saturday, August 9, 2014

Diego and the Rainbow Bridge

"Mom, would you mind if I put a dead chihuahua in our freezer?"

No mother wants to get this text.  But for the mother who did--my bestest ever bestie bestie--it was not a surprise. How would you like to live a life where THAT text is not even a surprise?

Later I saw the Facebook updates from both the bestie and the daughter -- anyone missing a chihuahua in our neighborhood, please call.  I realized right away, my niece wanted to let the family know gently that their beloved pet didn't make it.  I admit, though, I imagined her finding a dead dog on the sidewalk and picking it up.

However, the story, I learned, went like this...  The chihuahua, an intact male wearing a pink collar, was loose on a busy street and was struck.  My niece, who has been a vet tech for years and is in school studying animal sciences, witnessed the unfortunate scene. The chihuahua, later dubbed Diego, didn't make it.  A nearby vet was also on the scene to "assist."  

My niece would track the owners down and be kind.  But she would need some time.  Could the vet take the pink-collared wonderdog?  No.  (Why not, mean vet?  You've surely got the facility to store the poor guy!  Remind me never to go to you for my veterinary needs.)  But the vet did offer gloves and a specimen bag for appropriate home storage.  

In the days that followed, several theories of Diego's unfortunate circumstance bubbled up.  The pink collar and be-testicled nature stumped us.  We imagined the loving family, the pink collar, the kisses and hugs, the carry-the-cutie-everywhere habits, and expressed our concern for this sweet dog's family.

In the end, though, no one claimed little Diego, and he spent a week in a suburban freezer.  This morning, though, I got these texts, and we can all rest easily that Diego is in a better place...

"We are all awake getting ready to bid farewell to Diego, the frozen chihuahua.  He will be buried by the reservoir this morning.  Husband and daughter will ensure his safe travel over the rainbow bridge.  The caped crusaders in the dark of night, saving furry little souls."

I.  Love.  My.  Life.

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