Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Disney Extravaganza, 2014. The Day of Rest

Tuesday was a rest day.  We ate breakfast, went grocery shopping, and hung out at the pool.  I am not of the resort class, I have discovered--or rediscovered.  Our rooms were gorgeous.  Absolutely beautiful.  But there was no towel rack in the bathroom.  Not one.  Where do you hang your towel?  Where do you hang your swimsuit to dry?  So strange.

The tub, which was modeled after a classic clawfoot tub, sat in the middle of the bathroom floor.  Think about that for a second.  We stared at it.  How would we fill it with water?  Bill turned the faucet handle on the nearest wall, which was several feet away from the tub, and we both jumped back when we saw the outcome.  A hole in the ceiling dropped a smooth column of water into the tub.  From.  The.  Ceiling.

Why, people, why?  Oh sure, it looks nice in the way that things look nice in movies like the Wolf of Wall Street.  But the reality?  If you had kids in that bathroom?  There would be water all over the place.  The tub itself was small and uninsulated. When filling it, if you felt for the water temp, you then had to take several steps over to the faucet to correct it, then walk all the way back to test again. And after you use it, how would you rinse the tub out?  You would have to lean into the column of water to spread it around.  No idea how the housekeeping staff did it. The whole thing was ridiculous.

The room had a washer/dryer in it.  I was able to do a load of much-needed laundry.  I put in a pair of jeans, a pair of capri pants and a tank top, and that filled the machine.  I suppose people on vacation have the time to wash a single item of clothing at a time.

No, I am definitely not of the resort class.

However, it was wonderful to have a day of rest.  We all swam in the pool, a much needed reprieve after the hours of walking.  We totally nailed the pool-side trivia contest, shaming the competition royally.  Had they never heard of 80s music?  Heavens to mergatroid.  We cheered on the child participants in the water slide competition, and Bill joined the adults, maintaining a lead throughout the tense competition right up to the end when he ultimately came in third, defeated by milliseconds from the last two sliders.  We went to a smokehouse that involved a whole lot of meat, and Tony, the world's most cheerful waiter.  There might have been some alcohol involved in the later part of the evening, but we're not talking. It was a lovely day of rest.

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