Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Canadian curling team gets Olympic tattoos

The tradition started with the 2004 games in Athens. We wanted to celebrate the return of the games to their original home. So we descended on Stephen's apartment with olives and hummos and Greek salad, marinated tomatoes, baklava, and other Greek treats. We watched the opening ceremonies, which were just beautiful, as they celebrated the homecoming of the games.

Italy's ceremonies brought more delicious foods, wine, and a joyous time. But the China games were the most amazing. Who won't be forever moved by the 2008 drummers and all the majestic beauty of those amazing performances?

All this is to tell you I'm excited about Friday night. Now Stephen has a huge and beautiful house that he watched be built from its very first flagsinthedirttomarkthecorners to its last blade of grass, and I had the pleasure of celebrating the building milestones with him. So we'll be hanging in his beautiful new home, enjoying our semi-annual tradition of Olympic wonder.

In Vancouver.


Next door.



Canadian bacon? Molson? Maple syrup?

I have been tasked with maple cookies--the kind that are shaped like maple leaves--and ice cream from Maple View Farms.

And in the weeks to come, I'll be the one in my jammies, cheering on the curling team.

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